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Rescue of citizens from Libyan chaos

I'D like to publicly thank the Department of Foreign Affairs for their efforts in trying to get Irish citizens out of Libya.

I was one of the 21 people who had a seat on the first flight out. We got as far as the Tripoli airport tarmac looking for the plane, only to find out it had left empty. Lucky for us we were able to get on a BP-chartered aircraft.

There has been criticism in the media over the failed attempts. The scene at Tripoli airport was one of utter chaos. Though a plane may have been there to get the Irish out, finding them was another matter.

I applaud the Government and all involved for their efforts. Foreign Affairs telephoned my wife to get a message to me that the Irish plane was on its way. If not for that message I would still be there.

Don Getty
Oldcastle, Co Meath

Irish Independent