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Report on JFK got it wrong

The reports of the address of JFK in the Dail (Irish Independent, October 27 and 28) missed the most important point.

He said: "Do not prolong the conflict between the past and the present in case you jeopardise the future."

What he meant was, we are all victims of history, but not prisoners of history. JFK was living proof. Germany and Japan were now firm allies and even JFK could say " I am a Berliner" just two decades after a war that injured or killed millions of Americans.

Ireland was a victim of history and a long-term prisoner of history as our neutral stance during World War Two was to prove.

You cannot be neutral between evil and good, between dictatorships and democracy.

During World War One, the 1916 Proclamation was "supported by our gallant allies", which meant Germany and Turkey.

Kaiser Germany was a vicious military machine to enslave the rest of Europe and the Turks had massacred more than one million Armenian Catholics.

The Allies were fighting for human rights and to make the world a safe place.

Stephen Fallon