Thursday 22 March 2018

Reply to Mr Myers

• Most readers of the Irish Independent know that you can be cantankerous, but you have really outdone yourself (Irish Independent, February 22).

Your musings in your acerbic missives often have some relevance -- and indeed some accuracy -- in your outpourings on the pages of this paper. In this piece, they were simply stupid and served to undo much of the goodwill fostered between our two communities after the visit of the Chinese vice president last weekend.

You tell me, the reader, that I can't name 22 cities in China whose populations are greater than Ireland's. Not only can I name the 22 cities whose populations were greater than that of Ireland, according to Wikipedia's 2010 figures which you've clearly resourced, but I have visited most of them and lived in several. I have also travelled to other Chinese cities, which are not on Wiki's list of 22, whose populations have since passed your total of 4.7 million citizens.

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