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Remove Irish harp from the royal standard

Letters to the Editor


Princess Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, stand solemnly as the coffin of Queen Elizabeth is carried past in Edinburgh. Photo: Aaron Chown

Princess Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, stand solemnly as the coffin of Queen Elizabeth is carried past in Edinburgh. Photo: Aaron Chown

Princess Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, stand solemnly as the coffin of Queen Elizabeth is carried past in Edinburgh. Photo: Aaron Chown

With the death of Queen Elizabeth and the succession of Charles to the throne, it is an ideal opportunity for the Irish Government to request that the harp, Ireland’s national symbol, be removed from the royal standard of the United Kingdom.

There is time for that to happen before Charles is crowned. New postage stamps, coins, banknotes, letterboxes, the national anthem and other symbols are being changed to reflect the change of monarch.

The British people would be open to a relatively small change to the royal standard as it would better reflect the changed status of relations between Britain and Ireland.

As the Duchy of Cornwall is inextricably associated with the crown, perhaps a symbol of Cornwall could be inserted into the royal standard to replace the harp of Ireland?

It is time for quiet but firm diplomacy from the Government of Ireland on this matter.

Seanán Ó Coistín, An Caisleán Nua, Contae Átha Cliath

Why take away this last bastion of daily humour?

My local newspaper has decided to stop publishing comic strips due to “changing readership habits” based on “extensive research”.

The comic strips have always been a source of fun, some wisdom or a long story told over three panels a day, so why take away this minor pleasure. Is it because of the syndication costs?

I can get most of the now missing comic strips online and still appreciate the positivity of Garfield, the surreal (but occasionally real) working environment of Dilbert or see if Charlie Brown will finally get to kick the football Lucy is holding.

Why take out the comics when they could have removed the horoscopes (fun but false) or the celebrity news (fun but fake) or even the crosswords (fun but challenging)?

Too much news is sad or bad. Please continue to give us our daily laugh.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

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No explanation for closure of our embassy in the Vatican

It was good to read Salvador Ryan’s fair and balanced review of Mary Kenny’s book, The Way We Were (‘Kenny adds colour to the image of our Catholic past’, Weekend magazine, September 10). However, I would like to make a comment about his reference to the closure of the Irish embassy to the Holy See under Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore and his pointed remark regarding Mr Gilmore being “a former member of the Marxist Workers’ Party”.

I think this was very relevant as the closure was seemingly a done-deal agreed behind closed doors and announced as such.

I was at a meeting shortly afterwards in Buswells Hotel that was attended by politicians from all parties and there was total objection to this action. There was no justification for the move, and it was pointed out that the Vatican had been the first state to acknowledge our own. Many efforts were made to seek an explanation for the closure, but none was forthcoming.

An explanation and apology would be welcome, as would the reinstatement of that historical building as our embassy.

Mary Stewart, Ardeskin, Donegal town

Neutrality not compromised by aiding Ukrainian nation

In recent days, Ukraine has inflicted a major blow on Putin’s army with the decisive and rapid liberation of most of Kharkiv Oblast. Ukraine has shown what it can do with western military equipment, and its leaders are asking for more to help them liberate the rest of their country. It is incumbent on every western country, including Ireland, to send what they can.

We still have hundreds of unused anti-tank missiles gathering dust in a warehouse in the Curragh Camp. We’re not using them, we don’t need them, so let’s send them to Ukraine. Britain has sent 36 L116 105mm Howitzers. We have six we don’t need. Why can’t they be sent to Ukraine?

For those still with a sentimental attachment to our policy of military but not political neutrality and who don’t want to send military equipment to a war zone, just remember there is no war in Ukraine, only a “special military operation”, and our neutrality wouldn’t be compromised.

Jason Fitzharris, Swords, Co Dublin

Low Pay Commission needs a stint on minimum wage

The Low Pay Commission has recomm- ended an 80c increase in the hourly mini- mum wage, equivalent to a bag of coal a week. How many members of the Low Pay Commission are in receipt of the minimum wage? How many are renters on the minimum wage with children?

Eugene Tannam, Firhouse, Dublin 24

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