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Religion has no place in politics

Fionnan Sheahan's report about Coir trying to get cash to fight the "Godless" Lisbon Treaty (Irish Independent, August 28) got my attention.

I am terrified that there are still people who that think that God, religion and ultra-religious beliefs have any place in politics, laws or treaties -- be they national or international. Unless, of course, we are talking about taking Ireland and Europe back to the Middle Ages.

I am not against either the Church or God, but I think religion's place in today's world is not in trying to influence politics or laws.

It has been made clear that Lisbon will not change Ireland's position on abortion, so I am wondering what Coir want all this cash for.

Is it God's will that any religious group should be raising funds for any reason other than helping fellow humans? I wonder.

Christos Mouzeviris
Dublin 1