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Relaxed Lowry's powerful friends

Sir -- Michael Lowry was obviously not worried about the findings of your survey (Sunday Independent, March 27) on the public's reaction to the Moriarty Tribunal report given the way he presented himself in your Life magazine last Sunday.

In that survey, a staggering 94 per cent did not believe Mr Lowry, while 81 per cent agreed with the findings of Justice Moriarty. Furthermore, 87 per cent believed Denis O'Brien gave him money and 89 per cent felt he helped Mr O'Brien secure the mobile phone licence.

However, in the interview Mr Lowry appeared confident nothing would happen to him and he would receive his tribunal legal costs!

Worse still, his demeanour only serves to make the 91 per cent in that survey who thought nothing would happen even more cynical about politics and politicians -- unless, that is, the Government acts on the report to help restore confidence in our democracy.

Mr Lowry presented himself as an innocent victim. Such an impression was all the more outrageous because he was found by the Moriarty Tribunal, after perhaps the most exhaustive investigation in Irish history, to have received money from Mr O'Brien and "delivered" the mobile licence to his firm.

Against that background it was even more outrageous that he could boast about having so many close friends in the current Cabinet and about the number of TDs who complimented him on his defence of the indefensible in his speech in the Dail, before a vote was taken calling on him to resign.

We have direct personal experience of dealing with members of the Cabinet: for example, when Mr Lowry was a serving minister; and when we sought, with the members of our consortium that included the ESB and Motorola, to get them to look at the way in which he awarded the licence.

The scandal uncovered by the tribunal could have been averted if there had been a willingness to investigate Mr Lowry's actions.

Therefore, we now ask, does Mr Lowry have the warm relationship with the members of the current Government and many TDs that he claims?

Tony Boyle & Michael McGinley,

Persona Directors, Finglas, Dublin

Sunday Independent