Sunday 18 February 2018

Rejoicing in Bin Laden's death understandable

MARTINA Devlin (Irish Independent, May 5) equates the rejoicing of Palestinians at the deaths of thousands of innocent New Yorkers to that of New Yorkers rejoicing at the death of the man who orchestrated the mass murder in the first place. This is political correctness gone haywire.

The rejoicing is a provocation, she says. What was it that provoked the New York bombings? Or the London, Madrid and Bali bombings? Or the bombings of mosques and marketplaces across the Muslim world over the last 10 years? These mass murders were committed by fanatics at the behest of Osama bin Laden so that the world could be made into Afghanistan, and it had nothing to do with what anyone in the West said or did.

Today in Libya the people of Misratta are being shredded by the forces of the man who supplied the PIRA with weapons which, in turn, shredded people here in Ireland.

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