Monday 11 November 2019

Red faces at the pumps!

• My wife often reminded me when "filling up" to make sure it's petrol. But I thought "how silly", as I knew a diesel nozzle wouldn't enter a petrol tank.

So, I was surprised when I read the article about the AA report (Irish Independent December 3), which noted that "hundreds of hapless motorists are being hit by huge repair bills after mistakenly putting the wrong type of fuel into their cars." I can now see clearly how easily this can happen. People who have used petrol cars for years suddenly change over to diesel vehicles, and just forget that the petrol nozzle also fits diesel cars.

So what? It shouldn't be difficult for fuel suppliers to devise a remedy. A simple safeguard would be a red disc clipped to the nozzle end of the filler pipe with the message 'This is Petrol' printed in large letters.

James Gleeson
Thurles, Co Tipperary.

Irish Independent

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