Sunday 8 December 2019

Reason to tackle Mr Quinn's tripe

I read the David Quinn article (Irish Independent, March 17) but decided not to respond. I thought (wrongly) that his argument would be clearly labelled as the religiously apologetic tripe that it is and that many people would respond as such.

To my bewilderment, I just read a follow-up letter that was in agreement with his nonsense argument, from Gary Kelly in Dublin.

The first question was: "Should we apply the same standards to everyone, whether a religious or lay person, who covered up child abuse, even if it is 35 years later?"

The only available answer on the lips of any moral person is a resounding yes! Any adult who is found to have had any hand in covering up or contributing to this hell should be punished accordingly.

The second question that was posed was: "Why are we singling out the church in these abuse cases and not other organisations?"

Here is why, it is because other organisations don't preach to be the hand of the divine on earth, they don't preach morality, and all the while perform acts of the most atrocious immorality.

They don't pretend to be a holy school of ethics, then perform acts of pure evil.

They don't take helpless children into their care, gain their trust, brainwash their parents, put the literal fear of God into them, and then use all that, as a means to perform acts of sexual depravity on them.

That is why we are singling out the church. If you don't think all of this is a good enough reason to single out one organisation in many, then you are as amoral as the ones who you defend.

Brian Murphy
Kelowna, Canada

Irish Independent

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