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Readers misled on Israel again

Once again your readers are facing an onslaught of letters from the members of the Irish Palestinian group, which contain misleading and erroneous messages.

I would ask your readers to examine the cause and effect of the present impasse between Israel and Gaza.

Israel left Gaza with the promise of "land for peace". Within weeks Hamas, who had seized control after a bloody coup, commenced firing rockets and mortars at civilian targets in Israel.

Because a number of schools had been hit, many Israelis moved north to be out of range. Those who remained got 15-second warnings to run to hastily built concrete shelters.

They endured this for eight long years and I do not recall any request by individuals or our Government demanding that Hamas cease fire.

I ask the question, how long did we expect Israel to tolerate this?

Would we in Ireland have tolerated a bombardment of civilian targets for eight years?

Nobody has suggested what Israel should have done.

Perhaps this is because Hamas has made it abundantly clear that it will continue its war until it achieves complete victory. Hamas has always refused to recognise or negotiate with Israel.

It is interesting to note that Egypt is now constructing a metal barrier, or "wall", to prevent Gaza from importing materials from Egypt through tunnels. Why am I surprised that there has been no outrage at this?

If the Palestinian Solidarity Group were to try to persuade Hamas to negotiate with Israel, or even to allow a representative of the International Red Cross to visit the captured (three years ago) Israeli soldier, they might improve conditions for the Gazan civilians.

Joe Briscoe
Dublin 14

Irish Independent