Wednesday 22 November 2017

Read their lips!

• No income tax increases (but over €3bn to be taken from the economy). No college fees (but €3,000 plus per annum in "registration" fees). Unemployment "levelling off" (but over 1,000 young people emigrating each week). A jobs creation package (with over 6,000 to be let go from the public sector). Salary cuts to top-earning state workers (but the State is not hiring). It all reads like a chapter from Orwell's 'Animal Farm'.

The media are likely to make much of these ironies. However, one might ask if we are not a little to blame for the incongruities between what our Government is saying and doing?

In fairness to the Government, it has no choice but to implement cuts in a manner that is least painful to voters. Not surprisingly, cuts are most acutely experienced by the poor and marginalised, generally because these are less likely to be voters.

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