Friday 15 December 2017

Read, discuss and then get angry

Sir -- I have always envied the level of freedom that Americans have to say whatever they want. I wish that right was enshrined in our Constitution. Then I read Eamon Delaney's article (Sunday Independent, Oct 30, 2011) and I have to think that we have more freedom than I'd assumed. The article, though vile, has not diminished my belief in free speech. What the article has done is highlight, most clearly, that the corollary of free speech is an attendant responsibility on those who read the kind of asinine calumny that Eamon Delaney vomited into our consciousnesses, to respond; to amend the damage the article will undoubtedly cause and in doing so, hopefully be a part of a process that sidelines the kind of wilful stupidity that his kind peddles as informed opinion. And that damage cannot be underestimated or understated. As liberal as I am, I still would not like to have a child of mine, realise that he or she is gay. The world we live in, even our western world, is not yet very forgiving of difference.

So I urge everyone to read Eamon Delaney's article and to get their friends and families to read the article and then to discuss it. Discuss it at length and point out the fallacies, the ill-informed opinion, the prejudice, the failed logic, the lack of science, the unreason and then get angry. Get angry because every child that is gay is at risk from people like Eamon Delaney. Every gay child is at risk from the kind of bullying that Eamon Delaney's vicious words inspire. Every gay child is at risk because his poison words are as nectar to hateful people who want nothing more than to have their inadequacies and prejudices confirmed by a man writing in a big newspaper.

Paul Bowler,

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