Thursday 14 December 2017

Reaction of three wise monkeys responsible for e-voting fiasco sticks in the throat

• The long-running fiasco of the e-voting machines, bought by a previous government for a whopping €54m, has reached the knacker's yard, as they were sold off for scrap for a measly €70,000.

And yet the three wise monkeys, sorry politicians, who were responsible for this farce -- Noel Dempsey, who proposed them; Martin Cullen, who bought them; and Bertie Ahern, who supported their purchase -- have suddenly gone all Iwazaru (he's the monkey with his hands over his mouth).

Former minister Cullen's claim that "it has nothing to do with me" as he sells art from his gallery in Florida and hangs out in his €450k apartment there really sticks in the throat. And Noel Dempsey's claim that he is now a "private citizen" may be true, but he's a private citizen with a fat cat politician's pension funded by the rest of us. And poor Bertie just went with the flow -- nobody told him they were flawed, just like no one told him that making the developers and bankers the kings of our economy was a recipe for disaster.

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