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Rats deserting . . . Get knotted . . . O'Dea . . . Kenny

ANY chance the deserting Fianna Fail politicians might form a new political party? They could call themselves the Boomtime Rats. They should have no need to fundraise.

Tom Kilbane
Ballinasloe, Co Galway.

  • Willie O'Dea back on the frontbench. Will Fianna Fail ever learn?

Margaret Boland
Sandymount, Dublin 4

  • I sincerely hope that there was no proposed correspondence between the page of news on our esteemed leader Brian Cowen yesterday and the ad at the foot of the page for irritable bowel, indigestion, overweight and bloating under a food intolerance test. A touch of decorum, please!

Killian Foley-Walsh

  • Perhaps Tom Cooper (Letters, February 1) should research his contributions just a little more. Where did I call for any union to be abolished in my two-line letter (January 28)? I merely questioned their value for money from a PAYE worker's point of view!

E O'Neill
Co Westmeath

  • Nice ties on our politicians, but will voters tell them to "get knotted"?

Tom Gilsenan
Beaumont, Dublin 9

  • New Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin's shameful decision to reappoint to his frontbench a man who lost his previous ministerial post as a result of telling a lie about a political opponent in a sworn legal affidavit speaks volumes about why this wretched, incestuous political entity will never change and provides further justification for an almighty hiding at the polls.

JD Mangan
Stillorgan, Co Dublin

  • Fine Gael pledged not to raise income tax yesterday. Have they promised to reduce income tax? No.

Enough of political speak, Enda, show us your Budget since you rejected the Finance Bill!

Caitriona McClean

Lucan, Co Dublin

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