Friday 22 November 2019

Rapists . . . Invisible . . . Icy lakes . . . Bloodsuckers

Sinead O'Connor is right. Even though it may be personally painful, we all simply cannot turn a blind eye to those who defend child rapists. It's just wrong to let our need for comfortable personal and professional relationships trump the safety of children.

David Clohessy
Survivors Network of those
Abused by Priests,
St Louis, USA

  • When the history of this era comes to be written, will Brian Cowen be known as the invisible Taoiseach?

K Nolan

  • YOU report that a young girl narrowly escaped death or serious injury when she fell through the ice of a lake (Irish Independent, January 11).

Apparently this is a popular pastime among the foolish and the gardai cannot prevent people from going out on to the ice when they are not there.

Forgive me for, perhaps, asking a silly question, but why can't they break the ice on at least some of the lakes that are small enough?

David Stapleton
Grenoble, France

  • In reply to Mattie Greville ('Bloodsuckers in the Oireachtas', Letters, January 11), I'd just like to suggest that he may well be one of the people who voted them in. Vote Fianna Fail or Fine Gael and this is the kind of illustrious bloodsucker you'll get. And do we need the Seanad?

Phil Matthews

lI refer to Colm O Domhnaill's excellent commentary 'Bearing witness to the Irish wasteland' (Letters, January 11). However, I wish to draw your attention to a very important fact that he has omitted.

At the last General Election, Donegal voters sent six TDs to the Dail, four FF and two FG. Maybe what we actually need is for the current electorate to step aside and let new, educated people elect the next Dail.

Niall O Dochartaigh

Irish Independent

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