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'Rape' remarks blown out of all proportion

WHILE no one can condone the alleged remarks made by some gardai following the arrest of two female protesters at the Corrib gas site last week, am I alone in thinking that this was blown out of all proportion?

The facts are that this was, however inappropriate, non-serious banter among gardai themselves in the absence of any other person.

And as for the bandwagon jumping by organisations like the Rape Crisis Centre, do you honestly believe that this will deter women from reporting rape cases, as has been alleged?

National Women’s Council director Susan McKay raged about this matter on ‘Prime Time’ on Tuesday but saw fit on the non-appointment of Joan Burton to the Finance brief to refer to the country as “being run by men with brass necks and brass balls”. Where was the outrage then?

Brendan Cafferty
Ballina, Co Mayo