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Rabbitte should empower DPP

Madam -- I was furious to see Pat Rabbitte on the front page of the Sunday Independent ('Rabbitte hits at garda delay over findings of corruption', April 8, 2012) criticising the justice system like he is not a part of the Government that could improve it. Everything takes so long in Ireland because we have a backward system which forces the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate every last detail about sometimes very complex cases before bringing a case to court, and then the accused can see what the DPP has and admit to just that and get the benefit of pleading guilty.

The usual unfair comparison is with the Bernie Madoff case, which was done and dusted in three months -- or was it? Of course not, there are aspects of that case that are still unfolding.

The difference was that the American prosecutor was able to say to Madoff, "Bernie, we believe we can prove you operated a pyramid scheme: if you admit it and co-operate you will get (x) sentence; if you make us go to the time and expense of proving it you will get double."

We on the other hand get to see people that the dogs in the street know are guilty, spend years on the best golf courses while the DPP trawls through mountains of paperwork.

If Pat Rabbitte wants 21st-Century justice, then give the DPP the power to make deals, and not be whinging in national papers about good people in the justice system who are hamstrung by a system that was outdated 60 years ago.

Philip Dwyer,

Thurles, Co Tipperary

Sunday Independent