Tuesday 12 December 2017

Quiz those who shielded Ryan

Sir -- While I sympathise with the family of the late Gerry Ryan, as indeed I sympathise with the families of all those who fell victim to the scourge of drugs, I nonetheless believe that questions need to be asked of his friends, work colleagues or even casual acquaintances, who may have been aware of Gerry's cocaine use, who his supplier was and who acted as his courier. Despite Gerry Ryan's celebrity status, there are things that need to be said. Things that must be said.

Like it or not, Gerry Ryan swam in the same sewer as those odious drug barons who deal in death and misery. If there were no buyers, there would be no sellers. Mr Ryan and some of Ireland's professional classes enrich and empower those dregs of humanity by their purchasing of drugs. It should be remembered that those loathsome creatures that supplied the cocaine used by Mr Ryan and others, blasted the life out of a young apprentice plumber, Anthony Campbell, because he unfortunately witnessed an execution by these vile cretins.Everyone associated with selling or buying drugs must shoulder some responsibility for the misery inflicted on society.

Those who aided Gerry in securing his drugs were complicit in his death and must be held accountable. To stay quiet is betrayal, not just of Gerry but of society.

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