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Quit your political jibber jabber

Going forward, we need to request that our great leaders stop using the term "going forward". It is a dated expression that replaced "touch base" as the most annoying piece of corporate speak. Whatever happened to "in future" or "from now on"? Good old-fashioned pre-Celtic Tiger expressions.

While we are at it, "Celtic Tiger" needs to be removed from our dictionary and replaced with what it actually was -- property bubble.

In the context of replacing expressions we need to remove the expression "in the context". If you need to explain in what context you are communicating, then your communication style needs to be remedied.

A hard decision needs to be made to stop referring to Government making "hard decisions". It is the impact of the decisions to, for example, cut social welfare or the minimum wage that is hard. It is not hard on the overpaid politicians who will make a few "hard decisions" in their lifetime and then ride off into the sunset with their enormous pensions.

A hard decision would be to reform the political system, cut your own salary, or eliminate the 800 quangos that you have appointed all your mates to in the last 13 years.

The reality is that another term that needs to be removed is "the reality is". Every time we hear a politician use the phrase "the reality is" we can be sure what is to follow is total codswallop. If we are to believe what we have been told was the reality over the last five years then our banks are well-capitalised, property prices are landing softly and Bertie has no interest in money.

The reality is that going forward a hard decision needs to be made in the context of good communication to eliminate political gibberish.

Brian O'Flaherty
Malahide, Dublin

Irish Independent