Wednesday 11 December 2019

Quinn wrong on abuse probe call

David Quinn says that under no circumstances should there be a national investigation of the Catholic Church's role in child abuse if that investigation covers only the Catholic Church (Irish Independent, March 19).

He contends that as child abuse was not confined to the Catholic Church, any investigation that focuses on it alone would be discriminatory.

Does Mr Quinn also contend that an investigation into the affairs of the Irish banking system should not take place on the grounds that it would be unfair to focus on one industry when fraud exists in all sectors of the economy?

He points to other jurisdictions where abuse has been uncovered in non-Catholic schools and institutions and suggests the same impartiality should be present in any national investigation here.

Unfortunately, Mr Quinn does not specify what other institutions or groups in Ireland have abused children so that this national investigation may begin.

I would have thought a newspaper column would be an appropriate starting point to name other offending parties and get the ball rolling.

Perhaps Mr Quinn would care to identify these "other groups" that have been involved in systematic cover-up of child abuse in Ireland.

Niall Byrne
Dublin 9

Irish Independent

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