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Quinn is missing point on equality

What is it that David Quinn does not get? He claims that those in pursuit of equality in the workplace are attacking religious freedoms ('Religious freedom under attack from equality laws', Irish Independent, February 5).

May I suggest to him that everybody else's world view does not revolve around whether or not the Pope or a bishop has been offended?

Perhaps laws should be created to make a society more equal and help it function better rather than to appease the Catholic Church?

Also, as a gay person, I would like to point out that even if we were allowed to celebrate a civil union in a church, why would any of us want to?

The Catholic Church has set out its stall on homosexuality, and most gay people and their families and friends are either disgusted or bewildered by its constant barrage agains gay people.

Given its track record on child sex abuse cover-ups, it's high time the Catholic Church did some repentance of its own.

Mark Phillips
Newbridge, Co Kildare

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