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Quelle surprise!

• Glimpsing from a safe distance since 1971, I'd hazard a guess that our problems stem from the corrupt oligarchy that posed and preened, for most of the last century, as political leaders working in the national interest.

The intake into political life of failed teachers, solicitors, or those without enough Leaving Certificate points to do useful work for society has made this even more dire.

The privileged golden web of legacy-chasing politicians, pampered by an asinine media caste, has not seemingly, but evidently, lulled most of the citizenry.

The banking class and their friends just did what comes naturally to them. They saw the green light and no legislative policeman to stop them. Alas, we may never have a meritocracy but the least we can do is to exclude and deny hypocrisy.

MGP Aherne

Irish Independent