Monday 23 October 2017

Queen would be rather amused

Sir -- What a peevish and pugnacious Paddy thrown by your correspondent, Michael James McMahon (MA), (Sunday Independent, Letters, March 20, 2011), in response to John McEntee's reasoned, balanced and groundbreaking article (March 13, 2011). And what an apt display of the ironic touch, shown by your juxtaposing a picture of our kindly, dignified and gracious host, our Queen, against what I can only regretfully describe as a tirade of toxic, tendentious and abreactive rhetoric.

May I remind you, Sir, that our monarchs are not used to such stuff, at least not since they rid themselves of the burden of Ireland some 80-odd years ago. However, I am informed that Her Majesty is possessed of a keen sense of humour and most probably, in the circumstances, would find an Irish MA even funnier than an Irish RM.

Impassioned rhetoric may be all very fine for sentimental boys of delicate constitutions and limited imaginations, but it is hardly appropriate to the harsh realities of the real world, which any rough girl will tell you. In TS Eliot's words, 'Human kind cannot bear very much reality'. One sometimes suspects that the Irish threshold is lower than average, and dare I say that Mr McMahon, to an extent, confirms my suspicion.

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