Friday 22 November 2019

Queen bee in bonnet

Sir -- When President Bill Clinton paid a state visit to Vietnam some years ago, he was mobbed by millions of Vietnamese on the streets of Hanoi.

This was a leader of a nation that back in the Sixties had launched a terrible war which laid waste to their country.

Around two million of their fellow citizens were killed as the US air force dropped millions of tons of bombs on their country.

Yet, here were the people of Hanoi giving an American president a delirious welcome to their country? How could this be? Had they forgotten or what? No they had's the economy stupid, as the bould Bill himself might have said. Those people who've got a bee in their bonnet over Queen Elizabeth's impending visit to Ireland should ask themselves: which is more important, the economy or history, the living or the dead?

Paddy O'Brien,

Balbriggan, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent

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