Sunday 17 November 2019

Put up or shut up

•How many million people reside in Ireland? Over four million, we are led to believe. Yet we keep hearing the same tired names telling us what to do and how to do it.

The banking crisis saw the resurrection of men who didn't exactly set the political arena alight when they held the tiller of power. Now they are perfectly poised to benefit from our collective woes.

Another name from the past urges the Government to frontload more pain on to the people. Peter Sutherland carries an aura and expectation with him. When he speaks, we listen. Well, I am tired of listening to millionaires and bankers' representatives telling me how we should live and what more I and my family are expected to give this rotten State.

I would like to think that if I were a millionaire who was well-connected, I would have the good grace to shut my mouth and show respect for the very people who currently are paying all the nation's bills.

If Mr Sutherland, who, by the way, will be listened to ahead of the ordinary punter, wishes to frontload this nation, then can I suggest he lead by example.

Mr Sutherland should give thanks that each week he doesn't have to worry about what bill he cannot afford to pay. Until then, would he kindly shut his mouth or put his hand in his pocket.

John Cuffe
Co Meath

Irish Independent

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