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Put jobless on state boards

WE are now in the final days of this coalition Government. The last three years have been very difficult for everybody in the country. We desperately need new ideas and innovations.

Traditionally, at the end of a government's term in office, appointments are made to state boards and institutions.

I would suggest that this Government dispense with the practice of appointing friends of the party and use this opportunity to appoint people who are currently out of work.

There are many highly qualified men and women who have lost their jobs and who would relish the challenge of an appointment to a state board, even if the remuneration in some cases only includes expenses, although I understand that a number of positions do include a reasonable salary.

Such a move would clearly demonstrate that the politicians are really serious about creating jobs and giving those less fortunate than themselves an opportunity to improve their lives.

John O'Connor

Raheny, Dublin 5