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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Punt on the punt

•As Greece hurtles toward a sovereign default, the time has come for an open and honest discussion about Ireland and its future in the eurozone.

Each meeting of EU leaders highlights their inability to agree on how to tackle the debt crisis. This does not reflect any deficiency in leadership, but rather underlines the vast number of agendas on the table. The eurozone is made up of a number of economies, each with varying needs. What is good for Germany and France is not necessarily good for Ireland.

By leaving the euro and returning to our national currency, we would have the option of devaluing to control interest rates, managing debt levels and lending within our economy to restore competitiveness.

This bold move might be a gamble, but so is leaving our destiny to the whims of unelected troika officials. It's time to take a punt on the punt!

Killian Brennan
Malahide Road, Dublin

Irish Independent

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