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Pundit fails to play fair with jibes at Rooney

By bad-mouthing Wayne Rooney in order to illustrate what a wonderful bunch of human beings the highly privileged Rory McIlroy and his golf colleagues are, Peter Bills (Comment, June 16) not only let Mr McIlroy down, he let himself down as well. What does Mr Bills know of Mr Rooney's charity work? And as for articulating mature thoughts, Rooney hasn't had the schooling that wealthy golfers have had.

He learned his trade on the back streets of Liverpool where he honed his skills as a soccer player; a skill that lifted him and his family out of what might have been a life of poverty.

It's a bit much for Mr Bills to be having a go at Mr Rooney and his wife now just because he's not articulating world perspectives in front of camera crews. If Mr Bills wants to hold up bad examples in the sporting world then he need look no further than Tiger Woods.

And as for Mr Bills' other great sporting love, rugby, there are several examples in this gentleman's game -- both home and abroad -- of players trying to blind opponents in order to gain advantage.

Methinks there's a touch of sporting snobbery at play here.

Eddie Naughton
The Coombe, Dublin 8

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