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Pulp fiction

• While I for one regret Trevor Sargent's absence from political life, his gardening prowess has now been rewarded with the recent launch of a self-penned book on growing your own food.

What's not widely known is that Mr Sargent originally turned to gardening to cope with the stress of dealing with Bertie Ahern. Given that the current chairman of the International Forestry Fund is none other than our own "Green" ex-Treeseach (I kid you not), perhaps Trev has more in common with Bertree than he might imagine! Interestingly, on Sargent's popular blog (Trevor's Kitchen Garden), one of his invaluable nuggets of wisdom is advice on "what to do if you spot a rat near your compost heap".

Given that Sargent's blog indicates that he is a keen advocate of "peeing on your own compost heap", I hope his new 'Kitchen Garden' book doesn't need to go to a second print run, or given his stress-relief revelation(s) and Bertree's stewardship of the International F and Ffers, Trev might have problems sourcing the raw material! Pulp fiction or what?

Mark Lawler
Kilmainham D8

Irish Independent