Saturday 20 January 2018

Public needs to fight dirty too

So much for all the clap-trap about the dedication of our public servants. The passport fiasco has shown the sheer contempt which the public-sector unions have for the people of Ireland. Why else would they choose an issue which causes maximum grief to ordinary citizens to be the frontline of their action? The unions have, by and large, shown themselves to be immune to the anger of the public, so can I suggest two courses of action?

Firstly, the striking workers in the Passport Office should be sacked en masse and replaced with some of the thousands of eminently qualified people who are currently unemployed.

Secondly, those affected should vent their fury on Labour and Sinn Fein -- the two political parties whose unconditional support for trade unions has convinced union bosses that they can get away with outrages such as the Passport Office action.

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