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Pub stock take has real Irish flavour

When a person is prepared to campaign against the livelihoods of others ('Time for vintners to stop whingeing', Letters, January 15, 2010) he needs to have a strong argument.

Contrary to Mr Appleby's claims, the traditional Irish pub sells mostly Irish-produced products. Our annual stock take was undertaken on December 31, 2010, and apart from Irish Distillers who produce the most of our spirit sales, we see increasing sales of our local Cooley Whiskeys (voted Best Distillery in the World 2010).

Harp and Carlsberg are brewed in my local town of Dundalk. Overall, 80pc to 90pc of our bar sales are from Irish-produced stock. Some 90pc of our food sales are Irish produced. But, yes, our wines are imported. We are in the midst of the worst recession in living memory. Our Exchequer is suffering a huge loss due to below-cost selling. Mr Appleby's letter is ill-timed and ill-mannered.

Paul Keane
The Sportsmans Bar & Restaurant, Ravensdale, Dundalk

Irish Independent