Wednesday 21 February 2018

Provo murders can't be justified

Madam -- In the North, Sinn Fein complains that the media misrepresents republicans, particularly by alleging that Sinn Fein's general crime is to have ignored its own legacy of damage to young people.

Let the Troubles' statistics speak for themselves: Killed by republican paramilitaries, 2,059: Loyalist paramilitaries, 1,019: British security forces, 363: persons unknown, 82: Irish security forces, 5. Total 3,528. The IRA was the biggest killer. Among its victims were 644 civilians, including 80 children.

Sinn Fein says the IRA only resorted to violence because there was no political alternative. What nonsense. SF was never debarred from contesting elections. Its chosen first option was to support violence.

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