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Providing jobs

• I read with interest your article in the Irish Independent on Friday, November 23. It's a great pity that you didn't bother to research your subject more before writing your piece.

You seem to take umbrage that the Irish volunteers are taking jobs away from South African workers. Did you realise the Mellon Housing Initiative employs over 2,000 local South Africans on a permanent basis? These men and women have been trained and are in gainful employment all over South Africa because of the work of over 8,000 Irish volunteers and a further 8,000 South African volunteers.

Had Niall Mellon not started his charity in 2002, these 2,000 jobs would not exist. Neither would the 20,000 houses that have been constructed.

Perhaps you should visit the townships of Wallacedene, Imizamo Yethu, Witsand or Khayelitsha and speak with the beneficiaries as to their opinion of Niall Mellon and his volunteers.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Mr Myers, although in my judgment, an uninformed opinion is a poor reflection on the individual concerned.

Ken Kingston
Niall Mellon Trust volunteer

Irish Independent