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Protect and serve

• I read there are to be more garda stations closed, bringing the number to around 160 so far. Some occasional clinics will open instead for a few hours a week to deal with passports, driving licences and, I presume, the occasional unlicensed bull.

This is the same as handling a whistle to airline passengers as their plane plunges into the sea, so that if they survive, at least then can blow into it to alert the fish.

Sorting out passports and driving licences will be the last thing on the minds of residents that are still left, especially in rural areas, for the young are already gone, and the old cannot afford the road tax.

An unnamed senior garda who considered everything an improvement said this: "It is our intention to create a new policing service that at least equals the service provided in the past and, hopefully, improves on that."

Part of this improvement will be using the social media and radio, perhaps to tell people to lock their doors and ask the criminals to behave.

This is just another sign of the paralysis that infects a Government that will not face down the Croke Park Agreement or anybody else, except the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly. Did I miss anyone?

Barry Clifford
Oughterard, Co Galway

Irish Independent