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Proper water storage system for emergencies is needed

Letters to the Editor


Preserving rainwater must be party of our future. Stock image

Preserving rainwater must be party of our future. Stock image

Preserving rainwater must be party of our future. Stock image

There is no reason why floodwater cannot be stored in giant cisterns for both lowering the water level during heavy rain and for use during drought or summer fire outbreaks.

Farmers should also be subsidised to keep large bladders or tanks for emergency use and each town, as in France, should also have water storage tanks that are simply controlled by height and pressure.

There should also be, strategically placed cisterns, reservoirs, above the treeline of the wooded mountains also for emergency use.

Storing water will soon become more important than storing fuel.

Eugene Tannam

Firhouse Dublin 24

Only new era of basic income will preserve TDs’ seats

With the advent of a new Taoiseach in December and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis (‘Fianna Fáil rebel TDs demand review of coalition agreement in new blow to Martin’, Irish Independent, July 16), TDs are more in fear of their seats come the next election than the welfare of the people.

This present Government and the parties in government are in disarray to the detriment of our population suffering under poor services and inflationary pricing.

Under a heading of Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion Measures on page 75 of the Programme for Government, it states: “(We will) request the Low Pay Commission to examine Universal Basic Income, informed by a review of previous international pilots, and resulting in a Universal Basic Income pilot in the lifetime of the Government.”

There is enough evidence from other international pilots of basic income to demonstrate the viability of implemented basic income.

The politicians who support the implementation of a basic income, for all those 18 years-plus for life, in 2023 will fortify their electability and create a new era of fairness, equality and development within our society. The time has come for the implementation of basic income.

Hugh McDermott

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Address with the Editor

As sun shines, don’t forget to quench small animals’ thirst

Please remember, a dish of fresh water for the birds and the hedgehogs in the evening.

Eve Parnell

Dublin 8

What a pity RTÉ didn’t show greatest Irish rugby triumph

After the greatest ever achievement of the Irish rugby team on the field of play, isn’t it a shame that our RTÉ TV stations failed to show this brilliant Irish triumph?

Michael Waters

Co Galway

Cats left licking their wounds with a very clever lament

Kilkenny fans and players were overheard on a bus singing on their way home after the All-Ireland hurling final.

The words were, “Limerick, you’re a malady”.

Sean McPhillip

Address with editor

Kiely and Limerick gave us a boost with magic formula

Our thanks and congratulations to the Limerick hurlers and management for the joy, excitement, pleasure and satisfaction they have brought to all Limerick people.

The Pfizer vaccine may have saved lives over the past few years but the Kiely vaccine has enhanced the quality of the lives of Limerick supporters.

But Professor Kiely may have to go back into his lab over the next six months and tweak his vaccine because there are a couple of C-variants looking over the fence and preparing a massive onslaught.

Michael Liston

Moyvane, Co Kerry

Why groupthink needs to be confronted across all media

Sarah Carey’s excellent article (‘Superficial analysis, simplistic formats and crazy salaries show RTÉ has grown lazy’, Irish Independent, July 16) certainly analysed RTÉ’s coverage of complex issues “resulting in polarised debates of a few brief minutes” and “no creation of space for an alternative narrative”.

This was most evident in coverage leading up to the repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

Now we have the same thing happening regarding the review of abortion legislation. How many are even aware of this review?

Sarah Carey is so right that “RTÉ can do better” – and not alone RTÉ.

Our media generally, with few exceptions, continues to support groupthink to the detriment of factual and balanced coverage of what is of vital importance to us all.

Mary Stewart

Ardeskin, Donegal town

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