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Promise on care standards is an outright lie

TO say that an out-of-hours emergency skeleton service for Roscommon to treat critically ill patients is comparable to a fully equipped hospital that is already available in the area is outrageous.

I worked as a medical doctor on the wards and in the A&E at Roscommon County Hospital under the guidance of excellent consultant medical physicians.

We managed acute emergencies every day and every night.

I am appalled at the closure of the A&E services from 8pm to 8am, a service that is a lifeline to the people of Roscommon and surrounding areas.

To say that patients will receive the same standards of care as before, as they endure a two- to three-hour journey (depending on weather, traffic and where they are coming from in the catchment area) to Galway is an outright lie.

I wonder who will take the blame for any deaths or consequences to patients' health that might occur from this appalling downgrade?

Dr Cliodhna Donnelly
Salthill, Galway

Irish Independent