Sunday 20 October 2019

Progressive President

A progressive President with a finger on the people's pulse.

I remember saying during the ageist kerfuffle that played out at dinner tables and on airwaves throughout the presidential election process, that what I needed in a president was someone who could deliver insightful, inspirational speeches at critical times and that I could think of no one better for this role than the man we then knew as Michael D.

Today, I am pleased to confirm the validity of this claim. Michael D's campaign offered the first gleam of hope in a very bleak time, for a very long time.

The President has his finger on the pulse of the people.

As we are at absolute breaking point and in desperate need of reprieve, he rises above politics to speak the truth – the role this citizen feels was the key aspiration of those constructing carefully the distinction of President and Government.

This week, our President gives Ireland the opportunity to spring out of the too-long-relegated category of forced pragmatism and powerlessness – and back to our rightful place of proper, proud and progressive. Thank you, Mr President.

Catherine Lynch

Chapelizod, Co Dublin

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