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Profile of Karen Quinn 'tactless'

Madam -- In a week when former businessman Sean Quinn is sent to prison for contempt of court, your paper accompanied a three-page report on his self-inflicted woes with a profile of his daughter-in-law Karen Woods, under the title 'Get the Look,' in Life magazine. I don't think I've ever been so incensed at such inappropriate content.

When my generation leave this country to look for jobs elsewhere, we will be safe in the knowledge that the fashion world has a new style icon, one who wears "€395 Jimmy Choo heels", and whose handbag of choice is a "€1,050 black Prada tote" -- while the ordinary, decent Irish people are forced to pay off her in-laws' debts which they refuse to acknowledge.

At a time when some families struggle to put food on the table, the fact that this woman, who shamelessly parades her riches on her trips to Mountjoy, is celebrated and held up as an example of sartorial perfection by the country's best-selling broadsheet is outrageous and highly insensitive. Is this what the Irish people deserve from our national newspaper? As a frequent reader of this paper, which has some very talented journalists, I expected better.

Mary-Teresa Madders,


Sunday Independent