Monday 18 November 2019

Privacy . . . Molloy . . . tax . . . stay-at-home wives

I have a very simplistic view on the ID cards. I view it in the same light as CCTV cameras and other "invasions of privacy" that get under some people's skin, people like the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.

My view is that if you have nothing to hide then you should have no issue with having to carry an ID card or being captured on CCTV.

Too simple?

Paul O'Dwyer

  • It occurs to me there might be a fear that Rody Molloy is in a position to open a can of worms. Hmm.

Robert Sullivan
Bantry, Co Cork

  • Would your economic commentators please answer this question? How much money could be raised by the State if the following measures were introduced: A wealth tax, a property tax and an end to tax loopholes?

Seosamh O Cuaig

  • In his recent article on Irish research on World War One (or a supposed lack thereof), Kevin Myers accuses Irish academia of refusing to investigate Irish participation in the Great War.

Mr Myers might refer himself to 'Our War: Ireland and the Great War' (2008) edited by John Horne of Trinity College Dublin, and published by the Royal Irish Academy, one of a number of texts that rigorously performs precisely what Mr Myers claims Irish academia is incapable of doing.

Aidan Beatty
Department of History
University of Chicago

  • I was shocked by Leo Varadkar's derogatory comments in the Dail about "stay-at-home wives".

According to him, they spend the "day on the golf course or eating lunch or whatever". Clearly, Mr Varadkar doesn't realise that, for many women, being a wife and a mother is a full time job.

Leo Varadkar's view of stay-at-home wives as ladies who lunch is ignorant at best, and sexist at worst.

Jane Dignam
Ashford, Co Wicklow

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