Sunday 17 December 2017

Preying on the vulnerable

Sir -- I have a close friend living in Germany. A few years ago she said that Angela Merkel is hated in Germany. I didn't think about this too much -- until recently, when I read an article in Time magazine (edition of March 7) headlined 'How Germany became the China of Europe'.

Angela Merkel is apparently the leader of a political system that has a fifth of its workers in fear of being moved to China for less wages if they don't accept low incomes. I find this an incredible abuse of the worker in a booming economy, especially when I consider that the bondholders we're bailing out are, I'm sure, German banks, along with other banks that invested.

Yes, of course, Ireland needs to push job-seeking more, as opposed to being a welfare State -- but let us not forget that we take care of the vulnerable.

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