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Presumption of deviancy was base

Sir -- Jody Corcoran (Sunday Independent, June 12, 2011) sums up brilliantly the perceived problem with David Norris as a candidate for the presidency. His sexuality no doubt determined all the controversial questioning. As Jody says, none of the other candidates would be subjected to such a presumption of deviancy. Norris has that elusive quality that we must all crave in a president in 2011: the honesty to engage in healthy debate for the good of all in an inclusive society. It was Brian Lenihan's legacy of honesty that we mourned most last week.

What has brought this country to its knees is a number of systems and so-called leaders hiding behind platitudes while serving their own self-interest and pleading the scapegoat of being ill advised when all goes belly-up. Having had the privilege of leading a large organisation funded by the State in no way qualifies you to run for president.

The presidency is beyond politics. I don't want to squirm every time our first citizen opens his or her mouth on the global stage. I want to feel proud of an intelligent, cultured and informed president who will engage in the hard questions and embrace all the changes in an ever-evolving Ireland. Above all else I want to feel I can trust my president that he or she represents me; a sense of humour and a twinkle in the eye would go a long way.

Carmel Lynch,

Templeogue, Dublin 6W

Sunday Independent