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President Michael D Higgins’ wife overstepped the mark with Ukraine letter

Letters to the Editor


President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA

President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA

President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA

Regardless of what one might think of its contents, the very principle of the partner of the President of Ireland sending a detailed letter to a newspaper on a highly contentious foreign affairs issue is deeply problematic.

One can only assume that such a letter has the tacit support of President Higgins himself.

To resolve this unfortunate situation, which is embarrassing the office of President, and the country, President Higgins must publicly distance himself from his wife’s letter, or take the more appropriate course of action, and resign his position.

Joseph G O’Hanlon
Clontarf, Dublin

War is the ultimate failure of humans – negotiate now

What a relief it is to see someone of the stature of Sabina Higgins express what most of us are thinking. Peacemaking must commence immediately. War is the ultimate failure of humans to behave responsibly.

All wars must end sooner or later.

Negotiation is the only tool in the box to accomplish this end.

Every country, including in the EU and Nato and the US, are simply and insanely calling for more weapons to be shipped to Ukraine, giving the false impression that planet Earth wishes to see Russia destroyed.

Not for the first time, Ms Higgins has shown an admirable independence and courage in the face of skewed public opinion and the “acceptable” narrative.

Other voices calling for peace include Pope Francis and Claire Daly, MEP. A more diverse group would be difficult to imagine yet the sooner they are heard and listened to the sooner this obscene war will end.

Robert Sullivan
Bantry, Co Cork

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There is nothing to be gained from continued slaughter

I write in support of Sabina Higgins’ view that a negotiated peace will be the only way to end the savage war in Ukraine. This is the way that war has always ended other than the annihilation of one of the combating sides. No sane individual would want this as the annihilation would spread far, far beyond the location of the war due to modern weapons. There is nothing to be gained by the continued slaughter – we know this only too well here in Ireland.

Just as Olen’s Zelenska, wife of the Ukrainian president, is now on the world stage (though she is unelected) seeking high powered weapons and missiles so too can Sabina Higgins (also unelected), wife of our president, publish her view on the path to peace.

Sabina Higgins has long-established credentials as a peace activist. As she has chosen in typical fashion to pursue her principles rather than tie in with the unuttered commandment in political Ireland at present “Thou shall not find fault with Ukraine”.

Paddy Murray
Castlepollard, Co Westmeath

Words of advice on the age old problem of growing old

As I read John Daly’s interesting article about ageing, quips from well known comedians came to mind. George Burns remarked that when he was young, the Dead Sea was still alive, and on the “romance” front, that he spent all night thinking of what he used do all night.

On a similar theme, Bob Hope told us that into his seventies he was still chasing women, but only downhill. Permit me to close with some words of advice... don’t ever grow old, it will be the death of you !.

Tom Gilsenan
Beaumont, Dublin 9

Nancy and Joe should be at home with the grandchildren

We poked the bear and look what happened. Now 82 year old Nancy Pelosi is planning to antagonise the Chinese. War on two fronts – Europe and the Pacific – should resonate but, seemingly nothing is learned from history. Nancy and President Joe Biden would be better off at home playing with their grandchildren.

Michael Foley
Rathmines, Dublin 6

Enjoy joys of the sea but remember who is boss

Last week was water safety week in lovely Narin and Portnoo beach. I congratulate the organisers of this important event, which I have no doubt saves lives.

I have been addicted to the joy of swimming in the sea for the last 40-odd years.

It offers moments that border on the spiritual. The physical and psychological benefits of a plunge into the cold Irish seas are beyond compare. There’s a definite sense of leaving all your problems behind.

But do remember to take care; the ocean is the boss.

Brian Mc Devitt
Glenties, Co Donegal

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