Saturday 19 October 2019

Power failure

• Two letters in your paper on December 20 highlighted the failure of our political and media systems to issue a timely warning before the country got into the mess it now is in.

John Cuffe talks about the 'astronomical' and 'eye-watering' salaries that are paid to those who run our political and public services. He also tells the rest of us that 'we are fools' to put up with it.

Desmond FitzGerald draws attention to the 'astounding' level of expenses which are claimed by public representatives. He bewails the 'gullibility of the Irish people' for being fooled by TDs.

I am afraid that the 'astronomical', 'eye-watering' and 'astounding' salaries and expenses have been around for years and very few people shouted stop or told the ordinary people that they were fools for tolerating it.

The very few who did have the temerity to raise questions were scoffed at and told to commit suicide.

The failure of the systems, which were designed to hold to account the most powerful in the land, contributed to the country going bankrupt.

No amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth is going to change that now. No denunciations of the ordinary people will save all of us from paying a high price for the failure of a powerful few.

A Leavy
Sutton, Dublin 13

Irish Independent

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