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Pots of gold

•I believe that anyone on a public service pension of over €52,000 per annum is unpatriotic. How many 'working' people earn €52,000 per annum now? How many would love to?

Over 470,000 Irish men and women are unemployed and another one million earn the minimum wage and have no future pension entitlement at all, save perhaps an old-age state pension. Why, then, should any retired person earn €80,000, €100,000, €150,000?

Former taoisigh, presidents, ministers, senators, TDs, CEOs of semi-states, department heads, bank regulators, first, second and third secretaries, superintendents, judges, senior civil servants, county managers, consultants, etc -- they were all very well paid for 20, 30, 40 years, paid up to 10 times the average national wage; their mortgages are paid off, their children reared. So why should they continue to ride on the gravy train, depriving everyone else? Particularly when the State's coffers are empty!

Some of them are probably culpable for the problems we now face! You know, we borrow €16bn annually to pay such pensions? Am I wrong? No! Is it going to change? Probably not. For shame!

Brian Nolan
Aille, Barna, Galway

Irish Independent