Sunday 15 December 2019

Pope's remarks

• Pope Benedict has certainly upped the ante as regards gay marriage (Irish Independent, December 22).

Unfortunately, the Pontiff has an obsessive Augustinian attitude that the world is evil and is heading for destruction because of, among other issues, the acceptance by so many people that same-sex marriage is a valid human right in the search for happiness.

It is sad to see this increased exodus from the Catholic Church of good people who are scandalised by these personal views of Pope Benedict, of "the very nature of being, of what being human really is, being called into question" if one accepts gay marriage .

If the revelation of Jesus that 'God is love and wherever love exists there is God' is true, then God is really present in the love of gay people for each other, and all of us Catholics should not only respect this love but celebrate it with joy.

I would appeal to all those Catholics who have been appalled by the Pope's remarks not to abandon their church but remain within the Catholic Church and not allow themselves to be marginalised by the personal antipathy of Pope Benedict.

Brendan Butler
Malahide, Co Dublin

Irish Independent

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