Friday 23 March 2018

Poor neglected in favour of greedy

So, we have 12,000 hotel guest rooms for which there is no demand.

Joan Moody suggests that reducing the price will solve the problem (Letters, December 31). I think the price reduction would have to be huge to fill 12,000 excess rooms. However, doesn't this beg the question, why were developers allowed loans from the banks to build an excess of hotels when they were not necessary? I believe this was due to the fact that there was no plan by the Government that restricted construction to what the country needed, rather than what a bunch of pampered, egotistical developers wanted to build.

It is significant that during the period when these unnecessary hotels were being built, there was a virtual halt to building council houses, and there are now at least 100,000 people waiting for a council house with no chance of getting one in the near future, if at all.

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