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Pontypridd is McDonald's free

Madam -- I read with interest the description of the encounter between Mark Jones and John McEntee (Sunday Independent, May 6, 2012). I cannot but agree with Mr McEntee that the minders of today's stars seem to have as much, if not more, of a diva attitude than the stars themselves -- as admirably evidenced by Mr Jones Junior.

However, Mr McEntee really does need to work on the accuracy of his put-downs. While calling someone 'a Welsh toadstool' is by no means a cardinal sin (indeed it would be more likely to induce a bout of laughter in any self-respecting Welshman than a fit of pique), telling Mr Jones that if he didn't have a famous father he'd 'be selling Happy Meals in Pontypridd' left him wide open to ridicule himself.

Pontypridd does not have a McDonald's, so the selling of Happy Meals there would be nigh on impossible.

Matt Coughlan,

Merthyr Tydfil,

Mid Glamorgan, South Wales

Sunday Independent