Thursday 14 November 2019

Politics should prioritise people

As an avid reader of the letters page, there seems to be a realisation that we as a nation have been duped long enough.

Recent lack of leadership in relation to the adverse weather conditions, non-application of the Freedom of Information Act to NAMA; the latest revelations about Anglo Irish Bank and the spending sprees in FAS just add to the growing list of errors and inefficiencies presided over by this Government.

While there are calls on this page to end the wastage by various individuals (and rightly so), there is a fundamental point being overlooked. Change in Ireland must be implemented through the political system.

It is not clear that a political will exists to do this. Until there is some fresh impetus to this system showing the will and fortitude to represent the people as a first priority, the status quo will persist.

The political option of "either, or" remains.

I am not suggesting a radically left- or right-wing organisation but one which will return the idea "of the people, by the people, for the people", to Irish politics.

Stephen Walsh

Irish Independent

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