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Politicians need to be accountable

DERMOT C Clarke expresses a wish -- "Please God let there be a change" -- in the forthcoming election (Letters, February 4).

He "hopes to see an end" of the "lust for power", the "dynasties" and the "arrogance" of the party that has been in power "for most of eight decades".

While I agree with him that having one party in power for so long is the antithesis of democracy, I think the average Irish politician, irrespective of party, is no more or less prone to corruption than the average politician in any country.

Human beings are corrupted by power. Our politicians became arrogant and felt themselves untouchable because they were in power too long.

They were in power too long because they were not sufficiently held to account. That has to change.

A Leavy
Dublin 13

Irish Independent