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Political system has to change

Sir -- Your editorial (Sunday Independent, January 23, 2011) is exactly what this country needs. The absence of any conviction on the part of our politicians to implement such proposals represents a major problem in relation to the future of our country.

No political party has so far put forward any credible proposals that will seriously tackle our deep-seated problems. Every dog in the street knows our problems -- and has a solution for them -- except those who are paid handsomely to do so.

The reason is, of course, our political system is the problem, hence the reluctance of our politicians to change same. The general election creates a dilemma for a majority of Irish people as they are most reluctant to vote in Tweedledee instead of Tweedledum. The country cannot face into years of the same ineptitude!

In my opinion, this is a very grave situation bordering on a national disaster and requires drastic measures to remedy same. As a private citizen there are few, if any, ways that I can effect these changes. I am not a constitutional lawyer, but I would imagine that the President of Ireland would have special powers in the event of national emergency, which we are in, to: a) postpone the General Election; b) set-up a national government; c) set-up a provisional committee to undertake the duties of the Cabinet.

These are temporary measures with the primary aim of affording us the time to address our national problems, with a view to providing viable solutions to securing our future.

If this does not provide the answers, then maybe the mobilisation of public opinion would shame the politicians into doing the right thing.

The whole idea is to give the Irish people a method whereby they can influence the political future of this country. There has been, and still is, considerable debate going on regarding these issues. What is lacking is the fulcrum point where all these concerns can be brought together and actioned.

Colm Warren,

Athboy, Co Meath

Sunday Independent